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It seems that whenever I have real life stress going on, I develop new fandom obsessions.  When Kel passed away, I latched onto AIRPS (and Glee, to a certain extent, although I never really got into the fandom stuff there).  When I thought the best friend's husband was sick, I got even deeper into Sherlock (BBC).  Right now, my uncle is back in the hospital with leukemia, which has returned with sharpened claws after a year of him being in remission.  Plus he's got a host of other problems and he's in pretty horrible shape.  I'll probably post about it at some point when I can figure out how it's actually making me feel, but until then?  New fandom.
Hawaii Five-O is the funnest *ever*, people.  THE FUNNEST EVER.  Banter!  Car chases!  Guns!  Explosions!  Tackle diving!  Man pain!  Daddy issues!  FEELINGS THAT NEED TO BE FELT!  Bromance!  An aesthetically pleasing cast!  Two male leads who are never more than five seconds away from having very comedic sex with each other!  Crazy Steve sticking criminals in shark tanks until they talk!  Danny looking adorably put-upon all the time and hating Steve's crazy but not really because he's secretly crazy as well!  Chin being smarter than everyone and quietly amused by everything!  And Kona being badass and tackle diving criminals, always looking somewhat annoyed that they are taking her away from her surfing!  Oh, Grace Park.  Hearts!  In my eyes!  KEEP WEARING PLAID BUTTON UPS OVER YOUR TANK TOPS!  IT IS APPRECIATED!
I mean, yeah, sometimes the crime-of-the-week plot is terrible and the pacing is kind of weird and the writing is very tell-not-show, but if you can just forget about that and accept this as being pure, unadulterated cotton candy for your brain, it's actually incredible amounts of fun.  It's like the Anti-L&O which, having emerged from that franchise fandom completely exhausted by it and ridiculously annoyed with how badly that show turned out after Mariska Hargitay started getting nominated for Emmys, I am really able to appreciate a procedural that hasn't totally bought into it's own hype.  I mean, it's still early days and I'm not saying it won't eventually do this, but I will say that I'm going to happily eat this up with a spoon while it's still good.
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