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So, I headed out to Oakville yesterday to visit with a really close friend. And by "visit", I mean she did my hair (will maybe post a pic later) and then we drank copious amounts of alcohol which culminated in a hangover this morning.

Anyway, we decided this morning to go get coffee from a Tim Hortons around the corner from her house but we didn't feel like walking so we decided to bike it. I borrowed her husband's bike and she used hers and we were off. We get to Tim Hortons in record time. We order. We drink. She gets a call from hubby and his twin brother who also want coffee. Okay, sure. Her bike as a nifty little basket on the front that we figured the coffees would be safe in for the two minutes that it would take to get back to the house.

Oh. Man.

So, we're riding back and she notices the coffees are kinda shifting around in the basket and that one is sort of spilling. She looks down briefly and tries to fix the cups while still riding. She looks up. Head-on collision. With a bench. Coffees go flying. I do this funny little scream/shriek thing and try to swerve out of the way so that I don't crash into the back of her bike. I hit this weird, uneven, curb thing and fly off the bike.

She now has a huge bruise on her left thigh and smaller bruise on her foot and I have a huge scrap on my arm and another on my leg where I slid against the cement. And, yet, I don't think we've ever laughed so hard or for so long in our entire *lives*. We literally had tears running down are faces and it took us a good twenty minutes to walk our bikes back the house when, really, were were only a half a block away.

And that's the story of the funniest accident I've ever been in. We seriously should have been in some kind of cartoon sitcom. Or maybe Seinfeld.


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