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Because [ profile] sravenk told me to.

List 5 reasons you are a dork. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud of how big a dork you are! Then pick the 5 biggest dorks you know and have them do the same.

1) If given half a chance, I will slash the shit out of damn near any character. Stabler/Sandoval? Totally doing it. The Metatron/Rufus from "Dogma"? Definitely in love with each other. Jesus/Judas? In my head, there was definitely more than a little wine getting passed around at The Last Supper. Jesus was totally tapping a little lost-disciple ass. In other news, I'm going to hell.

2) Before I pop a new CD into the player I always have to read the liner notes first. It's a very odd compulsion. However, I'm positive that I'm not the only one that does this.

3) I boast about my stellar ability to eat crab legs. I'm unbearable whenever I'm at The Mandarin because I tend to get excited whenever I pull the meat out of the crab legs and it comes in one long piece. Ugh, this meme is getting depressing.

4) Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly mischievous, I go into a grocery store, pack a buggy full of an odd assortment of items and leave it in the aisle for the stock boys to put away. The look on the poor guy's face must have been very "WTF?" upon having to put back 12 cartons of condoms, 2 bottles of ketchup, a box of crackers, tea towels, and an industrial size container of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".

5) I have an unholy fear of the movie "The Exorcist". Actually, it could probably be classified as an actual phobia now. Long story short, my parents let me read the book when I was 11. I thought I could handle to movie despite the fact that my parents told me that, just because the book didn't scare the shit out of me, didn't mean that the movie wouldn't. I didn't listen to them and, when my friend snuck behind her parents back and borrowed the movie from someone, I watched it with her. That was very *very* stupid.

Tagging five other dorks:

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2) [ profile] caliban22170 (regardless of whether or not you do this, meme-baiting you will Never. Get. Old., baby.)
3) [ profile] sweetgingertea
4) [ profile] mousie962
5) [ profile] sooozie1982


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