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2011-02-16 03:46 pm

Crazy times...

I have the weirdest Starbucks luck.  I've been taking crazy advantage of the Starbucks half-price tea latte deal they've been having and today I ordered an iced chai.  While waiting for it, I pondered with a co-worker over whether or not it could be turned into a chai frappucino and still fall under the same deal.
Upon hearing our conversation, and having just finished making my order, the barista was all "Did you actually order a frappucino?"  Which, I didn't, and I tried to tell her that and she just kept insisting that she could make me frappucino if that's what I wanted and, like, we went back and forth before she finally just got really frustrated and ordered me to let her make me a free frappucino.
She was scary.  And yet?  I am now enjoying a delicious chai tea frappucino AND an iced chai latte.  So, thanks Terrifying Barista Lady!